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Getting Started with Bioinformatics Toolbox


Analyzing Gene Expression Profiles

Analyze microarray data for patterns and plot the results.

Exploring a Nucleotide Sequence Using Command Line

Starting with a DNA sequence, calculate statistics for the nucleotide content.

Exploring a Nucleotide Sequence Using the Sequence Viewer App

Use a graphical interface for the sequence functions.

Explore a Protein Sequence Using the Sequence Viewer App

Use the Biological Sequence Viewer to investigate protein sequences

Compare Sequences Using Sequence Alignment Algorithms

Starting with a DNA sequence for a human gene, locate and verify a corresponding gene in a model organism.

View and Align Multiple Sequences

Use the Sequence Alignment app to visually inspect a multiple alignment and make manual adjustments.

Get Information from Web Database

Example of creating a get function

Exchange Bioinformatics Data Between Excel and MATLAB

Example of using Spreadsheet Link™ with software to view bioinformatic data

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