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addXLabel (HeatMap)

Label x-axis of heat map


addXLabel(HMObject, Label)
addXLabel(HMObject, Label, 'Property1Name', Property1Value, 'Property2Name', Property2Value, ...)
H = addXLabel(HMObject)

Input Arguments


HeatMap object created with the function HeatMap.


Character vector used as the x-axis label in the HeatMap window.

Output Arguments

HHandle to a MATLAB® text object used as the x-axis label for the heat map.


addXLabel(HMObject, Label) adds a label below the x-axis of a heat map displayed in the HeatMap window.

addXLabel(HMObject, Label, 'Property1Name', Property1Value, 'Property2Name', Property2Value, ...) specifies text object properties for the x-axis label. For more information on the property name/property value pairs you can use to modify the text, see Text Properties.

H = addXLabel(HMObject) returns the handle to the text object used as the x-axis label for the heat map.


Supply an x-axis label for the HeatMap object created in the Examples section of the HeatMap function reference page. Use 12-point, italic text for the label.

addXLabel(hmo, 'Times', 'FontSize', 12, 'FontAngle', 'Italic')

Return a handle to the x-axis label text object, then use the set function to change the font size to 14 points.

h = addXLabel(hmo)
set(h, 'FontSize', 14)

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Introduced in R2009b

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