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Read Agilent Feature Extraction Software file


AGFEData = agferead(File)


FileMicroarray data file generated with the Agilent® Feature Extraction Software.


AGFEData = agferead(File) reads files generated with the Feature Extraction Software from Agilent microarray scanners and creates a structure (AGFEData) containing the following fields:

  • Header

  • Stats

  • Columns

  • Rows

  • Names

  • IDs

  • Data

  • ColumnNames

  • TextData

  • TextColumnNames

The Feature Extraction Software takes an image from an Agilent microarray scanner and generates raw intensity data for each spot on the plate.


  1. Read in a sample Agilent Feature Extraction Software file. Note that the file fe_sample.txt is not provided with the Bioinformatics Toolbox™ software.

    agfeStruct = agferead('fe_sample.txt')
  2. Plot the median foreground.


Introduced before R2006a

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