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Class: bioma.data.MetaData
Package: bioma.data

Create 2-D graphic table GUI of variable values in MetaData object


Handle = varValuesTable(MDObj)
Handle = varValuesTable(MDObj, ParentHandle)


Handle = varValuesTable(MDObj) creates a 2-D graphic table containing variable data from a MetaData object and returns a uitable handle to the table.

Handle = varValuesTable(MDObj, ParentHandle) specifies the parent handle to the table. The parent can be a figure or uipanel handle.

Input Arguments


Object of the bioma.data.MetaData class.


Figure or uipanel handle to be the parent handle to the table.


Construct a MetaData object, and then create a 2-D table of the variable values from it:

% Import bioma.data package to make constructor function
% available
import bioma.data.*
% Construct MetaData object from .txt file
MDObj2 = MetaData('File', 'mouseSampleData.txt', 'VarDescChar', '#');
% Retrieve the sample variable values in a table
handle = varValuesTable(MDObj2)

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