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Class: bioma.ExpressionSet
Package: bioma

Retrieve or set data element (DataMatrix object) in ExpressionSet object


DMObj = elementData(ESObj, Element)
NewESObj = elementData(ESObj, Element, NewDMObj)


DMObj = elementData(ESObj, Element) returns the DataMatrix object from an ExpressionSet object, specified by Element, a positive integer or a character vector specifying an element name.

NewESObj = elementData(ESObj, Element, NewDMObj) replaces the DataMatrix object specified by Element in ESObj, an ExpressionSet object, with NewDMObj, a new DataMatrix object, and returns NewESObj, a new ExpressionSet object.

Input Arguments


Object of the bioma.ExpressionSet class.


Element (DataMatrix object) in an ExpressionSet object, specified by either of the following:

  • Positive integer

  • Character vector specifying the element name


Object of the DataMatrix class. The sample names and feature names in NewDMObj must match the sample names and feature names in the DataMatrix object specified by Element.

Output Arguments


Object of the DataMatrix class, returned from the ExptData object of an ExpressionSet object.


Object of the bioma.ExpressionSet class, returned after replacing a specified data element (DataMatrix object).


Construct an ExpressionSet object, ESObj, as described in the Examples section of the bioma.ExpressionSet class reference page. Extract a DataMatrix object from it:

% Extract first DataMatrix object
ExtractedDMObj = elementData(ESObj, 1);
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