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Class: BioRead

Plot summary statistics of BioRead object


[H,qsObj] = plotSummary(___)


plotSummary(BRObj) generates a summary statistics figure containing six plots about the average quality score for each base position, average quality score distribution, read count percentage for each base position, percentage of GC content for each base position, GC content distribution, and nucleotide distribution.

plotSummary(BRObj,Name,Value) generates a summary statistics figure using additional options specified by one or more name-value pair arguments.

[H,qsObj] = plotSummary(___) returns a column vector H of handles to the axes in the generated figure and a BioReadQualityStatistics object qsObj using any of the input arguments from the previous syntaxes.

Input Arguments


BioRead or BioMap object.

Name-Value Pair Arguments


Character vector specifying the format used for the characters encoding the sequence information and quality scores in a sequence file. Supported formats are 'Sanger', 'Illumina13', 'Illumina15', 'Illumina18', and 'Solexa'.

Default: 'Illumina18'


Positive integer (n) specifying the first n characters of each read to be used. Use an empty array to suppress filtering.

Default: []


Scalar value specifying a minimum average quality threshold for a read to be considered. Any read with an average score of less than the specified threshold value is ignored. The default value is –Inf, which causes all reads to be considered.

Default: -Inf


If 'FilterLength' is set to L and 'QualityScoreThreshold' is set to T, then a read is discarded if the average quality of the first L characters of the read is less than T.

Output Arguments


Column vector of handles to the axes in the generated figure.


BioReadQualityStatistics object that stores the data represented by the graphs.


Example 82. Plot Summary Statistics of BioRead Object

Create a BioRead object from a FASTQ file.

BRObj = BioRead('SRR005164_1_50.fastq');

Plot summary statistics of the BioRead object BRObj using the first 40 characters of each read with the minimum average quality score of 5.


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