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Send RasMol script commands to Molecule Viewer window


evalrasmolscript(FigureHandle, Command)


FigureHandleFigure handle to a molecule viewer returned by the molviewer function.

Any of the following:

  • Character vector or cell array of character vectors specifying RasMol script commands. If there are multiple commands, use a ; to separate them.


    For a complete list of RasMol script commands, see

  • Character vector specifying a file name or a path and file name of a text file containing Jmol script commands. If you specify only a file name, that file must be on the MATLAB® search path or in the MATLAB Current Folder.


evalrasmolscript(FigureHandle, Command) sends the RasMol script commands specified by Command to FigureHandle, the figure handle of a Molecule Viewer window created using the molviewer function.


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Display a molecule in the Molecule Viewer app and save the figure handle to the app window.

f = molviewer('2DHB');
f.HandleVisibility = 'off';
1722 script command tokens
(C) 2009 Jmol Development
Jmol Version: 12.0.45  2011-05-21 18:09
java.vendor: Oracle Corporation
java.version: 1.8.0_121 Linux
memory: 101.4/141.0
processors available: 24
useCommandThread: false
JmolConsole is initializing

Use evalrasmolscript to send script commands to the molecule viewer that change the background to black and spin the molecule.

evalrasmolscript(f,'background white; spin')

Introduced in R2007a

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