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Calculate variance of gene expression profiles


Variance = exprprofvar(Data)
exprprofvar(..., 'PropertyName', PropertyValue,...)
exprprofvar(..., 'ShowHist', ShowHistValue)



DataMatrix object or numeric matrix of expression values, where each row corresponds to a gene.


Controls the display of a histogram with variance data. Default is:

  • false — When output values are specified.

  • true — When output values are not specified.


Variance = exprprofvar(Data) calculates the variance of each expression profile in Data, a DataMatrix object or numeric matrix of expression values, where each row corresponds to a gene. If you do not specify output arguments, this function displays a histogram bar plot of the range.

exprprofvar(..., 'PropertyName', PropertyValue,...) defines optional properties using property name/value pairs.

exprprofvar(..., 'ShowHist', ShowHistValue) controls the display of a histogram with range data. Choices for ShowHistValue are true or false.


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Load microarray data containing gene expression levels of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast).

load yeastdata

This MAT-file includes three variables, which are added to the MATLAB® workspace:

  • yeastvalues - A matrix of gene expression data

  • genes - A cell array of GenBank® accession numbers for labeling the rows in yeastvalues

  • times - A vector of time values for labeling the columns in yeastvalues

Calculate the variance of expression profiles for yeast data as gene expression changes during the metabolic shift from fermentation to respiration. And display a histogram of the data.

range = exprprofvar(yeastvalues,'ShowHist',true);

Introduced before R2006a

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