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format_version property

Class: geneont

Read-only character vector containing version of encoding of OBO file


format_version is a read-only property of the geneont class. format_version is a character vector containing the version of the encoding of the OBO file. The OBO file is the Open Biomedical Ontology file from which the geneont object was created.


Possible values are the current or previous versions of the OBO file. Use this version information to compare the version associated with OBO file used to create various geneont objects.


  1. Download the current version of the Gene Ontology database from the Web into a geneont object in the MATLAB® software.

    GeneontObj = geneont('LIVE', true)

    The MATLAB software creates a geneont object and displays the number of term objects associated with the geneont object.

    Gene Ontology object with 27769 Terms.
  2. Display the version of the OBO file used to create the geneont object.

    ans =
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