Read data from GenPept file


GenPeptData = genpeptread(File)



Either of the following:

  • String specifying a file name, a path and file name, or a URL pointing to a file. The referenced file is a GenPept-formatted file. If you specify only a file name, that file must be on the MATLAB® search path or in the MATLAB Current Folder.

  • MATLAB character array that contains the text of a GenPept-formatted file.

    Tip   You can use the getgenpept function with the 'ToFile' property to retrieve sequence information from the GenPept database and create an GenPept-formatted file.

GenPeptDataMATLAB structure or array of structures containing fields corresponding to GenPept keywords.


    Note:   NCBI has changed the name of their protein search engine from GenPept to Entrez Protein. However, the function names in the Bioinformatics Toolbox™ software (getgenpept and genpeptread) are unchanged representing the still-used GenPept report format.

GenPeptData = genpeptread(File) reads a GenPept-formatted file, File, and creates GenPeptData, a structure or array of structures, containing fields corresponding to the GenPept keywords. When File contains multiple entries, each entry is stored as a separate element in GenPeptData. For a list of the GenPept keywords, see


Retrieve sequence information for the protein coded by the HEXA gene, store the data in a file, and then read into the MATLAB software.

getgenpept('p06865', 'ToFile', 'TaySachs_Protein.txt')
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