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Convert numbers to Gene Ontology IDs


GOIDs = num2goid(X)


GOIDs = num2goid(X) converts the numbers in X to a cell array of character vectors with Gene Ontology IDs. IDs are seven-digit numbers preceded by the prefix GO:, which is the standard used by the Gene Ontology database.


Get the Gene Ontology IDs of the following numbers.

 t = [5575 5622 5623 5737 5840 30529 43226 43228 43229 43232 43234];
 ids = num2goid(t)

Columns 1 through 4

    'GO:0005575'    'GO:0005622'    'GO:0005623'    'GO:0005737'

  Columns 5 through 8

    'GO:0005840'    'GO:0030529'    'GO:0043226'    'GO:0043228'

  Columns 9 through 11

    'GO:0043229'    'GO:0043232'    'GO:0043234'

Introduced before R2006a

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