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pdist (phytree)

Calculate pairwise patristic distances in phytree object


D = pdist(Tree)
[D, C] = pdist(Tree)
pdist(..., 'Nodes', NodesValue, ...)
pdist(..., 'Squareform', SquareformValue, ...)
pdist(..., 'Criteria', CriteriaValue, ...)



phytree object created by phytree function (object constructor) or phytreeread function.

NodesValueCharacter vector that specifies the nodes included in the computation. Choices are 'leaves' (default) or 'all'.
SquareformValueControls the creation of a square matrix. Choices are true or false (default).
CriteriaValueCharacter vector that specifies the criteria used to relate pairs. Choices are 'distance' (default) or 'levels'.


D = pdist(Tree) returns D, a vector containing the patristic distances between every possible pair of leaf nodes of Tree, a phylogenetic tree object. The patristic distances are computed by following paths through the branches of the tree and adding the patristic branch distances originally created with the seqlinkage function.

The output vector D is arranged in the order ((2,1), (3,1), ..., (M,1), (3,2), ..., (M,2), ..., (M,M-1)) (the lower-left triangle of the full M-by-M distance matrix). To get the distance between the Ith and Jth nodes (I > J), use the formula D((J-1)*(M-J/2)+I-J). M is the number of leaves.

[D, C] = pdist(Tree) returns in C, the index of the closest common parent nodes for every possible pair of query nodes.

pdist(..., 'PropertyName', PropertyValue, ...) calls pdist with optional properties that use property name/property value pairs. You can specify one or more properties in any order. Each PropertyName must be enclosed in single quotation marks and is case insensitive. These property name/property value pairs are as follows:

pdist(..., 'Nodes', NodesValue, ...) specifies the nodes included in the computation. Choices are 'leaves' (default) or 'all'. When NodesValue is 'leaves', the output is ordered as before, but M is the total number of nodes in the tree (NumLeaves+NumBranches).

pdist(..., 'Squareform', SquareformValue, ...) controls the creation of a square matrix. Choices are true or false (default). When SquareformValue is true, pdist converts the output into a square-formatted matrix, so that D(I,J) denotes the distance between the Ith and the Jth nodes. The output matrix is symmetric and has a zero diagonal.

pdist(..., 'Criteria', CriteriaValue, ...) changes the criteria used to relate pairs. CriteriaValue can be 'distance' (default) or 'levels'.


  1. Read a phylogenetic tree file into a phytree object.

    tr = phytreeread('pf00002.tree')
  2. Calculate the tree distances between pairs of leaves.

    dist = pdist(tr,'nodes','leaves','squareform',true)

Introduced before R2006a

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