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plot (HeatMap)

Render heat map for HeatMap object


plot(HMObject, HFig)
H = plot(...)



HeatMap object created with the function HeatMap

HFigHandle to a MATLAB figure
HHandle to the axes of the MATLAB® figure created


plot(HMObject) renders a heatmap for HMObject, a HeatMap object, in a MATLAB Figure window.

plot(HMObject, HFig) renders a heatmap for HMObject, a HeatMap object, in a MATLAB figure specified by HFig.

H = plot(...) returns the handle to the axes of the figure created. For a list of axes properties, see Axes Properties.


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Create a matrix.

data = gallery('invhess',20);

Create a HeatMap object. The HeatMap function also displays the heatmap of the input data.

hm = HeatMap(data);

You can also use the plot function to display the heatmap of the object once created.


Introduced in R2009b

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