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Quantile normalization over multiple arrays


NormData = quantilenorm(Data)
NormData = quantilenorm(...,'MEDIAN', true)
NormData = quantilenorm(...,'DISPLAY', true)


NormData = quantilenorm(Data), where the columns of Data correspond to separate chips, normalizes the distributions of the values in each column.

    Note:   If Data contains NaN values, then NormData will also contain NaN values at the corresponding positions.

NormData = quantilenorm(...,'MEDIAN', true) takes the median of the ranked values instead of the mean.

NormData = quantilenorm(...,'DISPLAY', true) plots the distributions of the columns and of the normalized data.


load yeastdata
normYeastValues = quantilenorm(yeastvalues,'display',1);

Introduced before R2006a

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