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view (phytree)

View phylogenetic tree


view(Tree, IntNodes)



Phylogenetic tree (phytree object) created with the function phytree.


Nodes from the phytree object to initially display in the Tree.


view(Tree) opens the Phylogenetic Tree window and draws a tree from data in a phytree object (Tree). The significant distances between branches and nodes are in the horizontal direction. Vertical distances have no significance and are selected only for display purposes. You can access tools to edit and analyze the tree from the Phylogenetic Tree menu bar or by using the left and right mouse buttons.

view(Tree, IntNodes) opens the Phylogenetic Tree window with an initial selection of nodes specified by IntNodes. IntNodes can be a logical array of any of the following sizes: NumLeaves + NumBranches x 1, NumLeaves x 1, or NumBranches x 1. IntNodes can also be a list of indices.


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Load and view a sample phylogenetic tree.

tr = phytreeread('pf00002.tree');

Introduced before R2006a

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