Structural Analysis

Visualize and manipulate 3-D chemical structure of proteins and other biomolecules; RNA secondary structure prediction and visualization


rnaconvert Convert secondary structure of RNA sequence between bracket and matrix notations
rnafold Predict minimum free-energy secondary structure of RNA sequence
rnaplot Draw secondary structure of RNA sequence
pdbtransform Apply linear transformation to 3-D structure of molecule
pdbsuperpose Superpose 3-D structures of two proteins
pdbread Read data from Protein Data Bank (PDB) file
pdbwrite Write to file using Protein Data Bank (PDB) format
molviewer Display and manipulate 3-D molecule structure
pdbdistplot Visualize intermolecular distances in Protein Data Bank (PDB) file
ramachandran Draw Ramachandran plot for Protein Data Bank (PDB) data
evalrasmolscript Send RasMol script commands to Molecule Viewer window
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