AM Modulation

Amplitude modulation

System Objects

comm.GeneralQAMDemodulator Demodulate using arbitrary QAM constellation
comm.GeneralQAMModulator Modulate using arbitrary QAM constellation
comm.PAMDemodulator Demodulate using M-ary PAM method
comm.PAMModulator Modulate using M-ary PAM method
comm.RectangularQAMDemodulator Demodulate using rectangular QAM signal constellation
comm.RectangularQAMModulator Modulate using rectangular QAM signal constellation


General QAM Demodulator Baseband Demodulate QAM-modulated data
General QAM Modulator Baseband Modulate using quadrature amplitude modulation
M-PAM Demodulator Baseband Demodulate PAM-modulated data
M-PAM Modulator Baseband Modulate using M-ary pulse amplitude modulation
Rectangular QAM Demodulator Baseband Demodulate rectangular-QAM-modulated data
Rectangular QAM Modulator Baseband Modulate using rectangular quadrature amplitude modulation
Data Mapper Map integer symbols from one coding scheme to another
Bit to Integer Converter Map vector of bits to corresponding vector of integers
Integer to Bit Converter Map vector of integers to vector of bits


genqamdemod General quadrature amplitude demodulation
genqammod General quadrature amplitude modulation
pamdemod Pulse amplitude demodulation
pammod Pulse amplitude modulation
qamdemod Quadrature amplitude demodulation
qammod Quadrature amplitude modulation
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