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Analog Passband Modulation

AM and FM analog passband modulation

Communications System Toolbox™ includes tools using either MATLAB® or Simulink® for analog passband modulation.


DSB AM Demodulator PassbandDemodulate DSB-AM-modulated data
DSB AM Modulator PassbandModulate using double-sideband amplitude modulation
DSBSC AM Demodulator PassbandDemodulate DSBSC-AM-modulated data
DSBSC AM Modulator PassbandModulate using double-sideband suppressed-carrier amplitude modulation
FM Demodulator PassbandDemodulate FM-modulated data
FM Modulator PassbandModulate using frequency modulation
PM Demodulator PassbandDemodulate PM-modulated data
PM Modulator PassbandModulate using phase modulation
SSB AM Demodulator PassbandDemodulate SSB-AM-modulated data
SSB AM Modulator PassbandModulate using single-sideband amplitude modulation


amdemodAmplitude demodulation
ammodAmplitude modulation
fmdemodFrequency demodulation
fmmodFrequency modulation
pmdemodPhase demodulation
pmmodPhase modulation
ssbdemodSingle sideband amplitude demodulation
ssbmodSingle sideband amplitude modulation


Analog Passband Modulation

In most communication medium, only a fixed range of frequencies is available for transmission.

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