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Communications System Toolbox Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
algdeintrlvRestore ordering of symbols using algebraically derived permutation table
algintrlvReorder symbols using algebraically derived permutation table
alignsignalsAlign two signals by delaying earliest signal
amdemodAmplitude demodulation
ammodAmplitude modulation
arithdecoDecode binary code using arithmetic decoding
arithencoEncode sequence of symbols using arithmetic coding
awgnAdd white Gaussian noise to signal
bchdecBCH decoder
bchencBCH encoder
bchgenpolyGenerator polynomial of BCH code
bchnumerrNumber of correctable errors for BCH code
berawgnBit error rate (BER) for uncoded AWGN channels
bercodingBit error rate (BER) for coded AWGN channels
berconfintBit error rate (BER) and confidence interval of Monte Carlo simulation
berfadingBit error rate (BER) for Rayleigh and Rician fading channels
berfitFit curve to nonsmooth empirical bit error rate (BER) data
bersyncBit error rate (BER) for imperfect synchronization
bi2deConvert binary vectors to decimal numbers
bin2grayConvert positive integers into corresponding Gray-encoded integers
biterrCompute number of bit errors and bit error rate (BER)
bscBinary symmetric channel
cdma2000ForwardReferenceChannelsDefine cdma2000 forward reference channel
cdma2000ForwardWaveformGeneratorGenerate cdma2000 forward link waveform
cdma2000ReverseReferenceChannelsDefine cdma2000 reverse reference channel
cdma2000ReverseWaveformGeneratorGenerate cdma2000 reverse link waveform
cmaConstruct constant modulus algorithm (CMA) object
comm.ACPRAdjacent Channel Power Ratio measurements
comm.AGCAdaptively adjust gain for constant signal-level output
comm.AlgebraicDeinterleaverDeinterleave input symbols using algebraically derived permutation vector
comm.AlgebraicInterleaverPermute input symbols using algebraically derived permutation vector
comm.APPDecoderDecode convolutional code using the a posteriori probability method
comm.AWGNChannelAdd white Gaussian noise to input signal
comm.BarkerCodeGenerate Barker code
comm.BasebandFileReaderRead baseband signals from file
comm.BasebandFileWriterWrite baseband signals to file
comm.BCHDecoderDecode data using BCH decoder
comm.BCHEncoderEncode data using BCH encoder
comm.BinarySymmetricChannelIntroduce binary errors
comm.BlockDeinterleaverDeinterleave input symbols using permutation vector
comm.BlockInterleaverPermute input symbols using permutation vector
comm.BPSKDemodulatorDemodulate using BPSK method
comm.BPSKModulatorModulate using BPSK method
comm.CarrierSynchronizerCompensate for carrier frequency offset
comm.CCDFMeasure complementary cumulative distribution function
comm.CoarseFrequencyCompensatorCompensate for frequency offset for PAM, PSK, or QAM
comm.ConstellationDiagramDisplay a constellation diagram for input signals
comm.ConvolutionalDeinterleaverRestore ordering of symbols using shift registers
comm.ConvolutionalEncoderConvolutionally encode binary data
comm.ConvolutionalInterleaverPermute input symbols using shift registers with same property values
comm.CPFSKDemodulatorDemodulate using CPFSK method and Viterbi algorithm
comm.CPFSKModulatorModulate using CPFSK method
comm.CPMDemodulatorDemodulate using CPM method and Viterbi algorithm
comm.CPMModulatorModulate using CPM method
comm.CRCDetectorDetect errors in input data using CRC
comm.CRCGeneratorGenerate CRC code bits and append to input data
comm.DBPSKDemodulatorDemodulate using DBPSK method
comm.DBPSKModulatorModulate using DBPSK method
comm.DescramblerDescramble input signal
comm.DifferentialDecoderDecode binary signal using differential decoding
comm.DifferentialEncoderEncode binary signal using differential coding
comm.DiscreteTimeVCOGenerate variable frequency sinusoid
comm.DPSKDemodulatorDemodulate using M-ary DPSK method
comm.DPSKModulatorModulate using M-ary DPSK method
comm.DQPSKDemodulatorDemodulate using DQPSK method
comm.DQPSKModulatorModulate using DQPSK method
comm.ErrorRateCompute bit or symbol error rate of input data
comm.EVMMeasure error vector magnitude
comm.EyeDiagramDisplay eye diagram of time-domain signals
comm.FMBroadcastDemodulatorDemodulate broadcast FM signal
comm.FMBroadcastModulatorModulate broadcast FM signal
comm.FMDemodulatorDemodulate using FM method
comm.FMModulatorModulate using FM method
comm.FSKDemodulatorDemodulate using M-ary FSK method
comm.FSKModulatorModulate using M-ary FSK method
comm.GeneralQAMDemodulatorDemodulate using arbitrary QAM constellation
comm.GeneralQAMModulatorModulate using arbitrary QAM constellation
comm.GeneralQAMTCMDemodulatorDemodulate convolutionally encoded data mapped to arbitrary QAM constellation
comm.GeneralQAMTCMModulatorConvolutionally encode binary data and map using arbitrary QAM constellation
comm.GMSKDemodulatorDemodulate using GMSK method and the Viterbi algorithm
comm.GMSKModulatorModulate using GMSK method
comm.GMSKTimingSynchronizerRecover symbol timing phase using fourth-order nonlinearity method
comm.GoldSequenceGenerate Gold sequence
comm.gpu.AWGNChannelAdd white Gaussian noise to input signal with GPU
comm.gpu.BlockDeinterleaverRestore original ordering of block interleaved sequence with GPU
comm.gpu.BlockInterleaverCreate block interleaved sequence with GPU
comm.gpu.ConvolutionalDeinterleaverRestore ordering of symbols using shift registers with GPU
comm.gpu.ConvolutionalEncoderConvolutionally encode binary data with GPU
comm.gpu.ConvolutionalInterleaverPermute input symbols using shift registers with GPU
comm.gpu.LDPCDecoderDecode binary low-density parity-check data with GPU
comm.gpu.PSKDemodulatorDemodulate using M-ary PSK method with GPU
comm.gpu.PSKModulatorModulate using M-ary PSK method with GPU
comm.gpu.TurboDecoderDecode input signal using parallel concatenation decoding with GPU
comm.gpu.ViterbiDecoderDecode convolutionally encoded data using Viterbi algorithm with GPU
comm.HadamardCodeGenerate Hadamard code
comm.HDLCRCDetectorDetect errors in input data using HDL-optimized CRC
comm.HDLCRCGeneratorGenerate HDL-optimized CRC code bits and append to input data
comm.HDLRSDecoderDecode data using a Reed-Solomon decoder
comm.HDLRSEncoderEncode data using a Reed-Solomon encoder
comm.HelicalDeinterleaverRestore ordering of symbols using helical array
comm.HelicalInterleaverPermute input symbols using helical array
comm.IntegrateAndDumpFilterIntegrate discrete-time signal with periodic resets
comm.IQImbalanceCompensatorCompensate for I/Q imbalance
comm.KasamiSequenceGenerate Kasami sequence
comm.LDPCDecoderDecode binary low-density parity-check code
comm.LDPCEncoderEncode binary low-density parity-check code
comm.LTEMIMOChannel Filter input signal through LTE MIMO multipath fading channel
comm.MatrixDeinterleaverDeinterleave input symbols using permutation matrix
comm.MatrixHelicalScanDeinterleaverDeinterleave input symbols by filling a matrix along diagonals
comm.MatrixHelicalScanInterleaverPermute input symbols by selecting matrix elements along diagonals
comm.MatrixInterleaverPermute input symbols using permutation matrix
comm.MemorylessNonlinearityApply memoryless nonlinearity to input signal
comm.MERMeasure modulation error ratio
comm.MIMOChannelFilter input signal through MIMO multipath fading channel
comm.MLSEEqualizerEqualize using maximum likelihood sequence estimation
comm.MSKDemodulatorDemodulate using MSK method and the Viterbi algorithm
comm.MSKModulatorModulate using MSK method
comm.MSKTimingSynchronizerRecover symbol timing phase using fourth-order nonlinearity method
comm.MultiplexedDeinterleaverDeinterleave input symbols using set of shift registers with specified delays
comm.MultiplexedInterleaverPermute input symbols using set of shift registers with specified delays
comm.OFDMDemodulatorDemodulate using OFDM method
comm.OFDMModulatorModulate using OFDM method
comm.OQPSKDemodulatorDemodulation using OQPSK method
comm.OQPSKModulatorModulation using OQPSK method
comm.OSTBCCombinerCombine inputs using orthogonal space-time block code
comm.OSTBCEncoderEncode input using orthogonal space-time block code
comm.OVSFCodeGenerate OVSF code
comm.PAMDemodulatorDemodulate using M-ary PAM method
comm.PAMModulatorModulate using M-ary PAM method
comm.PhaseFrequencyOffsetApply phase and frequency offsets to input signal
comm.PhaseNoiseApply phase noise to complex, baseband signal
comm.PNSequenceGenerate a pseudo-noise (PN) sequence
comm.PreambleDetectorDetect preamble in data
comm.PSKCoarseFrequencyEstimatorEstimate frequency offset for PSK signal
comm.PSKDemodulatorDemodulate using M-ary PSK method
comm.PSKModulatorModulate using M-ary PSK method
comm.PSKTCMDemodulatorDemodulate convolutionally encoded data mapped to M-ary PSK signal constellation
comm.PSKTCMModulatorConvolutionally encode binary data and map using M-ary PSK signal constellation
comm.QAMCoarseFrequencyEstimatorEstimate frequency offset for QAM signal
comm.QPSKDemodulatorDemodulate using QPSK method
comm.QPSKModulatorModulate using QPSK method
comm.RaisedCosineReceiveFilterApply pulse shaping by decimating signal using raised cosine filter
comm.RaisedCosineTransmitFilterApply pulse shaping by interpolating signal using raised cosine filter
comm.RayleighChannel Filter input signal through a Rayleigh multipath fading channel
comm.RBDSWaveformGeneratorGenerate RBDS waveform
comm.RectangularQAMDemodulatorDemodulate using rectangular QAM signal constellation
comm.RectangularQAMModulatorModulate using rectangular QAM signal constellation
comm.RectangularQAMTCMDemodulatorDemodulate convolutionally encoded data mapped to rectangular QAM signal constellation
comm.RectangularQAMTCMModulatorConvolutionally encode binary data and map using rectangular QAM signal constellation
comm.RicianChannel Filter input signal through a Rician fading channel
comm.RSDecoderDecode data using Reed-Solomon decoder
comm.RSEncoderEncode data using Reed-Solomon encoder
comm.ScramblerScramble input signal
comm.SphereDecoderDecode input using sphere decoder
comm.SymbolSynchronizerCorrect symbol timing clock skew
comm.ThermalNoiseAdd thermal noise to signal
comm.TurboDecoderDecode input signal using parallel concatenated decoding scheme
comm.TurboEncoderEncode input signal using parallel concatenated encoding scheme
comm.ViterbiDecoderDecode convolutionally encoded data using Viterbi algorithm
comm.WalshCodeGenerate Walsh code from orthogonal set of codes
comm.WINNER2ChannelFilter input signal through WINNER II fading channel
commscope(To be removed) Package of communications scope classes
commscope.eyediagram(To be removed) Eye diagram analysis
commscope.ScatterPlot(To be removed) Create Scatter Plot scope
commsrc.combinedjitterConstruct combined jitter generator object
commsrc.patternConstruct pattern generator object
commsrc.pnCreate PN sequence generator package
commtest.ErrorRateCreate error rate test console
compandSource code mu-law or A-law compressor or expander
convdeintrlvRestore ordering of symbols using shift registers
convencConvolutionally encode binary data
convintrlvPermute symbols using shift registers
convmtxConvolution matrix of Galois field vector
cosetsProduce cyclotomic cosets for Galois field
cyclgenProduce parity-check and generator matrices for cyclic code
cyclpolyProduce generator polynomials for cyclic code
de2biConvert decimal numbers to binary vectors
decodeBlock decoder
deintrlvRestore ordering of symbols
dfeConstruct decision-feedback equalizer object
dftmtxDiscrete Fourier transform matrix in Galois field
distspecCompute distance spectrum of convolutional code
dopplerConstruct Doppler spectrum structure
doppler.ajakesConstruct asymmetrical Doppler spectrum object
doppler.bellConstruct bell-shaped Doppler spectrum object
doppler.bigaussianConstruct bi-Gaussian Doppler spectrum object
doppler.flatConstruct flat Doppler spectrum object
doppler.gaussianConstruct Gaussian Doppler spectrum object
doppler.jakesConstruct Jakes Doppler spectrum object
doppler.rjakesConstruct restricted Jakes Doppler spectrum object
doppler.roundedConstruct rounded Doppler spectrum object
dpcmdecoDecode using differential pulse code modulation
dpcmencoEncode using differential pulse code modulation
dpcmoptOptimize differential pulse code modulation parameters
dpskdemodDifferential phase shift keying demodulation
dpskmodDifferential phase shift keying modulation
dsp.ArrayPlotDisplay vectors or arrays
dsp.SpectrumAnalyzerDisplay frequency spectrum of time-domain signals
dsp.TimeScopeTime domain signal display and measurement
dvbs2ldpcLow-density parity-check codes from DVB-S.2 standard
encodeBlock encoder
equalizeEqualize signal using equalizer object
evdoForwardReferenceChannelsDefine 1xEV-DO forward reference channel
evdoForwardWaveformGeneratorGenerate 1xEV-DO forward link waveform
evdoReverseReferenceChannelsDefine 1xEV-DO reverse reference channel
evdoReverseWaveformGeneratorGenerate 1xEV-DO reverse link waveform
eyediagramGenerate eye diagram
EyeScope(To be removed) Launch eye diagram scope for eye diagram object H
fftDiscrete Fourier transform
filterFilter signal with channel object
filter (gf)1-D digital filter over Galois field
finddelayEstimate delay(s) between signals
fmdemodFrequency demodulation
fmmodFrequency modulation
fogplRF signal attenuation due to fog and clouds
fskdemodFrequency shift keying demodulation
fskmodFrequency shift keying modulation
fsplFree space path loss
gasplRF signal attenuation due to atmospheric gases
gaussdesignGaussian FIR pulse-shaping filter design
gen2parConvert between parity-check and generator matrices
genqamdemodGeneral quadrature amplitude demodulation
genqammodGeneral quadrature amplitude modulation
gfCreate Galois field array
gfaddAdd polynomials over Galois field
gfconvMultiply polynomials over Galois field
gfcosetsProduce cyclotomic cosets for Galois field
gfdeconvDivide polynomials over Galois field
gfdivDivide elements of Galois field
gffilterFilter data using polynomials over prime Galois field
gflineqFind particular solution of Ax = b over prime Galois field
gfminpolFind minimal polynomial of Galois field element
gfmulMultiply elements of Galois field
gfprettyPolynomial in traditional format
gfprimckCheck whether polynomial over Galois field is primitive
gfprimdfProvide default primitive polynomials for Galois field
gfprimfdFind primitive polynomials for Galois field
gfrankCompute rank of matrix over Galois field
gfrepcovConvert one binary polynomial representation to another
gfrootsFind roots of polynomial over prime Galois field
gfsubSubtract polynomials over Galois field
gftableGenerate file to accelerate Galois field computations
gftruncMinimize length of polynomial representation
gftupleSimplify or convert Galois field element formatting
gfweightCalculate minimum distance of linear block code
gray2binConvert Gray-encoded positive integers to corresponding Gray-decoded integers
hammgenProduce parity-check and generator matrices for Hamming code
heldeintrlvRestore ordering of symbols permuted using helintrlv
helintrlvPermute symbols using helical array
helscandeintrlvRestore ordering of symbols in helical pattern
helscanintrlvReorder symbols in helical pattern
hex2polyConvert hexadecimal character vector to binary coefficients
huffmandecoHuffman decoder
huffmandictGenerate Huffman code dictionary for source with known probability model
huffmanencoHuffman encoder
ifftInverse discrete Fourier transform
intdumpIntegrate and dump
intrlvReorder sequence of symbols
iqcoef2imbalConvert compensator coefficient to amplitude and phase imbalance
iqimbalApply I/Q imbalance to input signal
iqimbal2coefConvert I/Q imbalance to compensator coefficient
iscatastrophicTrue for trellis corresponding to catastrophic convolutional code
isprimitiveTrue for primitive polynomial for Galois field
istrellisTrue for valid trellis structure
legacychannelsimToggles random number generation mode for channel objects
lineareqConstruct linear equalizer object
lloydsOptimize quantization parameters using Lloyd algorithm
lmsConstruct least mean square (LMS) adaptive algorithm object
logLogarithm in Galois field
lteZadoffChuSeqGenerate root Zadoff-Chu sequence of complex symbols
marcumqGeneralized Marcum Q function
mask2shiftConvert mask vector to shift for shift register configuration
matdeintrlvRestore ordering of symbols by filling matrix by columns and emptying it by rows
matintrlvReorder symbols by filling matrix by rows and emptying it by columns
minpolFind minimal polynomial of Galois field element
mldivideMatrix left division \ of Galois arrays
mlseeqEqualize linearly modulated signal using Viterbi algorithm
modnormScaling factor for normalizing modulation output
mskdemodMinimum shift keying demodulation
mskmodMinimum shift keying modulation
muxdeintrlvRestore ordering of symbols using specified shift registers
muxintrlvPermute symbols using shift registers with specified delays
noisebwEquivalent noise bandwidth of filter
normlmsConstruct normalized least mean square (LMS) adaptive algorithm object
oct2decConvert octal to decimal numbers
oct2polyConvert octal number to binary coefficients
oqpskdemod(To be removed) Offset quadrature phase shift keying demodulation
oqpskmod(To be removed) Offset quadrature phase shift keying modulation
pamdemodPulse amplitude demodulation
pammodPulse amplitude modulation
plot (channel)Plot channel characteristics with channel visualization tool
plotPhaseNoiseFilterPlot response of phase noise filter block
pmdemodPhase demodulation
pmmodPhase modulation
poly2trellisConvert convolutional code polynomials to trellis description
primpolyFind primitive polynomials for Galois field
pskdemodPhase shift keying demodulation
pskmodPhase shift keying modulation
qamdemodQuadrature amplitude demodulation
qammodQuadrature amplitude modulation
qfuncQ function
qfuncinvInverse Q function
quantizProduce quantization index and quantized output value
rainplRF signal attenuation due to rainfall
randdeintrlvRestore ordering of symbols using random permutation
randerrGenerate bit error patterns
randiUniformly distributed pseudorandom integers
randintrlvReorder symbols using random permutation
randsrcGenerate random matrix using prescribed alphabet
rayleighchanConstruct Rayleigh fading channel object
rcosdesignRaised cosine FIR pulse-shaping filter design
rectpulseRectangular pulse shaping
resetReset channel object
reset (equalizer)Reset equalizer object
ricianchanConstruct Rician fading channel object
rlsConstruct recursive least squares (RLS) adaptive algorithm object
rsdecReed-Solomon decoder
rsencReed-Solomon encoder
rsgenpolyGenerator polynomial of Reed-Solomon code
rsgenpolycoeffsGenerator polynomial coefficients of Reed-Solomon code
scatterplotGenerate scatter plot
semianalyticCalculate bit error rate (BER) using semianalytic technique
shift2maskConvert shift to mask vector for shift register configuration
signlmsConstruct signed least mean square (LMS) adaptive algorithm object
ssbdemodSingle sideband amplitude demodulation
ssbmodSingle sideband amplitude modulation
stdchanConstruct channel object from set of standardized channel models
symerrCompute number of symbol errors and symbol error rate
syndtableProduce syndrome decoding table
varlmsConstruct variable-step-size least mean square (LMS) adaptive algorithm object
vec2matConvert vector into matrix
vitdecConvolutionally decode binary data using Viterbi algorithm
wgnGenerate white Gaussian noise
winner2.AntennaArrayCreate antenna array
winner2.dipoleCalculate field pattern of half-wavelength dipole
winner2.layoutparsetWINNER II layout parameter configuration
winner2.wimGenerate channel coefficients using WINNER II channel model
winner2.wimparsetWINNER II model parameter configuration
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