Galois Fields of Odd Characteristic

Manipulating elements of finite fields of odd order


gfadd Add polynomials over Galois field
gfconv Multiply polynomials over Galois field
gfcosets Produce cyclotomic cosets for Galois field
gfdeconv Divide polynomials over Galois field
gfdiv Divide elements of Galois field
gffilter Filter data using polynomials over prime Galois field
gflineq Find particular solution of Ax = b over prime Galois field
gfminpol Find minimal polynomial of Galois field element
gfmul Multiply elements of Galois field
gfpretty Polynomial in traditional format
gfprimck Check whether polynomial over Galois field is primitive
gfprimdf Provide default primitive polynomials for Galois field
gfprimfd Find primitive polynomials for Galois field
gfrank Compute rank of matrix over Galois field
gfrepcov Convert one binary polynomial representation to another
gfroots Find roots of polynomial over prime Galois field
gfsub Subtract polynomials over Galois field
gftrunc Minimize length of polynomial representation
gftuple Simplify or convert Galois field element formatting
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