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HDL Code Generation

Generate HDL code from MATLAB® code and Simulink® models

You can use MATLAB and Simulink for rapid prototyping of hardware designs. Some Communications System Toolbox™ blocks and System objects provide support for HDL code generation when used with HDL Coder™.

The HDL Coder products generate target-independent synthesizable Verilog and VHDL code for FPGA programming or ASIC prototyping and design. HDL Coder also enables you to generate scripts and test benches for use with third-party HDL simulators.


HDL Code Generation Support for Communications System Toolbox

You can find Communications System Toolbox™ blocks that support HDL code generation, in the ‘Communications System Toolbox HDL Support' library, in the Simulink library browser.

Find Blocks and System Objects Supporting HDL Code Generation

In the Simulink library browser, you can find libraries of blocks supported for HDL code generation in the HDL Coder, Communications System Toolbox HDL Support, and DSP System Toolbox HDL Support block libraries.

Using HDL Optimized CRC Library Blocks

This example shows how to use the HDL Optimized CRC Generator and CRC Detector library blocks and then configure these blocks to meet the IEEE® 802.11 standard [1].

HDL Optimized QAM Transmitter and Receiver

This example shows how to implement a 64-QAM transmitter and receiver for HDL code generation and hardware implementation.

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