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Descramble input signal


Sequence Operations


The Descrambler block descrambles a scalar or column vector input signal. The Descrambler block is the inverse of the Scrambler block. If you use the Scrambler block in a transmitter, then you use the Descrambler block in the related receiver.

In the following descrambler schematic, the adders and subtracter operate modulo N, where N is the Calculation base parameter. You must specify integer input values between 0 and N-1.

At each time step, the input causes the contents of the registers to shift sequentially. Using the Scramble polynomial parameter, you specify if each switch in the descrambler is on or off. To make the Descrambler block reverse the operation of the Scrambler block, use the same Scramble polynomial parameters in both blocks. If there is no signal delay between the scrambler and the descrambler, then the Initial states in the two blocks must be the same. See the reference page for the Scrambler block for more information about these parameters.

Dialog Box

Calculation base

The calculation base N. The input and output of this block are integers in the range [0, N-1].

Scramble polynomial

A polynomial that defines the connections in the scrambler.

Initial states

The states of the scrambler's registers when the simulation starts.

Pair Block


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