Check whether polynomial over Galois field is primitive


ck = gfprimck(a)
ck = gfprimck(a,p)


    Note:   This function performs computations in GF(pm), where p is prime. If you are working in GF(2m), use the isprimitive function. For details, see Finding Primitive Polynomials.

ck = gfprimck(a) checks whether the degree-m GF(2) polynomial a is a primitive polynomial for GF(2m), where m = length(a) - 1. The output ck is as follows:

  • -1 if a is not an irreducible polynomial

  • 0 if a is irreducible but not a primitive polynomial for GF(pm)

  • 1 if a is a primitive polynomial for GF(pm)

ck = gfprimck(a,p) checks whether the degree-m GF(P) polynomial a is a primitive polynomial for GF(pm). p is a prime number.

This function considers the zero polynomial to be "not irreducible" and considers all polynomials of degree zero or one to be primitive.


Characterization of Polynomials contains examples.

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An irreducible polynomial over GF(p) of degree at least 2 is primitive if and only if it does not divide -1 + xk for any positive integer k smaller than pm-1.


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