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Integrate and dump


y = intdump(x,nsamp)


y = intdump(x,nsamp) integrates the signal x for one symbol period, then outputs the averaged one value into Y. nsamp is the number of samples per symbol. For two-dimensional signals, the function treats each column as one channel.


An example in Combine Pulse Shaping and Filtering with Modulation uses this function in conjunction with modulation.

Processes two independent channels, each of which contain three symbols of data made up of four samples.

s = rng;
nsamp = 4; % Number of samples per symbol
ch1 = randi([0 1],3*nsamp,1); % Random binary channel
ch2 = rectpulse([1 2 3]',nsamp); % Rectangular pulses
x = [ch1 ch2]; % Two-channel signal
y = intdump(x,nsamp)

The output is below. Each column corresponds to one channel, and each row corresponds to one symbol.

y =

    0.5000    1.0000
    0.5000    2.0000
    1.0000    3.0000

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Introduced before R2006a

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