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Pulse amplitude demodulation


z = pamdemod(y,M)
z = pamdemod(y,M,ini_phase)
z = pamdemod(y,M,ini_phase,symbol_order)


z = pamdemod(y,M) demodulates the complex envelope y of a pulse amplitude modulated signal. M is the alphabet size. The ideal modulated signal should have a minimum Euclidean distance of 2.

z = pamdemod(y,M,ini_phase) specifies the initial phase of the modulated signal in radians.

z = pamdemod(y,M,ini_phase,symbol_order) specifies how the function assigns binary words to corresponding integers. If symbol_order is set to 'bin' (default), the function uses a natural binary-coded ordering. If symbol_order is set to 'gray', it uses a Gray-coded ordering.


The example in Comparing Theoretical and Empirical Error Rates uses this function.

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