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Single sideband amplitude modulation


y = ssbmod(x,Fc,Fs)
y = ssbmod(x,Fc,Fs,ini_phase)
y = ssbmod(x,fc,fs,ini_phase,'upper')


y = ssbmod(x,Fc,Fs) uses the message signal x to modulate a carrier signal with frequency Fc (Hz) using single sideband amplitude modulation in which the lower sideband is the desired sideband. The carrier signal and x have sample frequency Fs (Hz). The modulated signal has zero initial phase.

y = ssbmod(x,Fc,Fs,ini_phase) specifies the initial phase of the modulated signal in radians.

y = ssbmod(x,fc,fs,ini_phase,'upper') uses the upper sideband as the desired sideband.


An example using ssbmod is on the reference page for ammod.

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Introduced before R2006a

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