Input signals and sequences

System Objects

comm.BarkerCode Generate Barker code
comm.GoldSequence Generate Gold sequence
comm.HadamardCode Generate Hadamard code
comm.KasamiSequence Generate Kasami sequence
comm.WalshCode Generate Walsh code from orthogonal set of codes
comm.PNSequence Generate a pseudo-noise (PN) sequence


Bernoulli Binary Generator Generate Bernoulli-distributed random binary numbers
Poisson Integer Generator Generate Poisson-distributed random integers
Random Integer Generator Generate integers randomly distributed in range [0, M-1]
Barker Code Generator Generate Barker Code
Gold Sequence Generator Generate Gold sequence from set of sequences
Hadamard Code Generator Generate Hadamard code from orthogonal set of codes
Kasami Sequence Generator Generate Kasami sequence from set of Kasami sequences
OVSF Code Generator Generate orthogonal variable spreading factor (OVSF) code from set of orthogonal codes
PN Sequence Generator Generate pseudonoise sequence
Walsh Code Generator Generate Walsh code from orthogonal set of codes


randi Uniformly distributed pseudorandom integers
randerr Generate bit error patterns
randsrc Generate random matrix using prescribed alphabet
commsrc.combinedjitter Construct combined jitter generator object
commsrc.pattern Construct pattern generator object Create PN sequence generator package
lteZadoffChuSeq Generate root Zadoff-Chu sequence of complex symbols
mask2shift Convert mask vector to shift for shift register configuration
shift2mask Convert shift to mask vector for shift register configuration
wgn Generate white Gaussian noise

Examples and How To

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