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Transmit and Receive Signals Over the Air with Software Defined Radios

Communications System Toolbox™ software can read a signal from external hardware devices using the Communications System Toolbox™ support packages for software-defined radio (SDR). You can design, prototype and test SDR applications in MATLAB® and Simulink® with live radio signals. Use the supported hardware as a radio peripheral with the supplied bitstream and also run your own design in the FPGA with the automated targeting workflow using HDL Coder™.

The support packages for SDR support both fixed bitstream and custom bitstream (user-provided logic) workflows (SDR Targeting).

For more information about software-defined radios with MATLAB and Simulink, visit Software-Defined Radio (SDR) on the MathWorks® web site.

For a list of support packages for use with Communications System Toolbox, visit the Hardware Support Catalog for Communications System Toolbox.

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