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Ensure that MATLAB® Production Server™ clients and your MATLAB code are using the correct data marshaling

The Production Server Compiler app displays the MATLAB data received from the client and the MATLAB data sent back to the client. The app also enables full access to the MATLAB debugger to fine tune your MATLAB code.

Use the testing capabilities to work with MATLAB Production Server client APIs that require manual data marshalling to map native data types to MATLAB data types. You can verify that the client and server are seeing the same data. You can correct discrepancies in the MATLAB code, the client code, or both.


Production Server CompilerPackage MATLAB programs for deployment to MATLAB Production Server


productionServerCompilerTest, build and package functions for use with MATLAB Production Server


Write a Test Client

Testing requires a MATLAB Production Server client that calls the compiled MATLAB function

Test Client Data Integration Against MATLAB

Testing the integration code used by your client against MATLAB provides tools for seeing the data that is passed into the MATLAB function

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