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Application Deployment Failures

After the application is working on the test machine, failures can be isolated in end-user deployment. The end users of your application need to install the MATLAB® Runtime on their machines. The MATLAB Runtime includes a set of shared libraries that provides support for all features of MATLAB. If your application fails during end-user deployment, the following questions in the column to the right may help you isolate the problem.


There are a number of reasons why your application might not deploy to end users, after running successfully in a test environment. For a detailed list of guidelines for writing MATLAB code that can be consumed by end users, see Write Deployable MATLAB Code

 Is the MATLAB Runtime installed?

 If running on UNIX or Mac, did you update the dynamic library path after installing the MATLAB Runtime?

 Do you receive an error message about a missing DLL?

 Do you have write access to the necessary folders?

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