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Figures and Images

Manipulate MATLAB® graphics from a deployed application

Java® applications can display MATLAB generated figures and images in three ways:

  • Display the generated image on the local machine.

    When your MATLAB code opens a figure window, the MATLAB Runtime displays the window on the local machine. The displayed figure is a fully functional MATLAB figure and can be manipulated as such. The only limitation is that it cannot be displayed on remote machines and is therefore not suitable for distributed applications.

  • Export the figure as an image stream.

    Image streams are the native Java mechanism for handling image data. Generated MATLAB images are returned the to the Java application as static binary image streams. The Java application layer is free to manipulate the data using its own image processing capabilities. To leverage the MATLAB capabilities, the Java application must have the MATLAB code generate a new image.

  • Export the figure using the WebFigures feature.

    WebFigures displays the generated images in a web browser using Java Servlet Page(JSP)s. The displayed figures and images have basic controls for zooming, rotating, and positioning.


webfigureExport a figure to a deployed application
figToImStreamStream figure as byte array encoded in specified format

Examples and How To


Implement a WebFigure

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Attach a WebFigure to a Server Cache

Information on ways to attach a WebFigure to server cache

Reference a WebFigure Using the JSP Tag

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Reference a WebFigure Using an Embeddable String

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Use MATLAB Compiler SDK Web Example Guide

Brief description of the web example guide

Image Streams

Execution of Applications that Create Figures

Example illustrating usage of waitForFigures in developing a console-based Java application that generates MATLAB figures

Display a MATLAB Plot on the Web using a Java Servlet

Example illustrating how to display a MATLAB plot on the web through a Java servlet

Work with MATLAB Figure and Image Data

Techniques to effectively working with figure and image data


How Do WebFigures Work?

Information on how WebFigures work

Supported Renderers for WebFigures

Information on supported renderers for WebFigures

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