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MATLAB Compiler SDK Product Description

Build software components from MATLAB programs

MATLAB® Compiler SDK™ extends the functionality of MATLAB Compiler™ to let you build C/C++ shared libraries, Microsoft® .NET assemblies, and Java® classes from MATLAB programs. These components can be integrated with custom applications and then deployed to desktop, web, and enterprise systems.

MATLAB Compiler SDK includes a development version of MATLAB Production Server™ for testing and debugging application code and Excel® add-ins before deploying them to web applications and enterprise systems.

Applications created using software components from MATLAB Compiler SDK can be shared royalty-free with users who do not need MATLAB. These applications use the MATLAB Runtime, a set of shared libraries that enables the execution of compiled MATLAB applications or components.

Key Features

  • Packaging of your MATLAB programs as C/C++ shared libraries, Microsoft .NET assemblies, and Java classes

  • Royalty-free distribution of software components to users who do not need MATLAB

  • Development and test framework for MATLAB Production Server for integration with web and enterprise systems

  • Encryption of MATLAB code to protect your intellectual property

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