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C Client Programming

Create MATLAB® Production Server™ client programs in C or C++

The MATLAB Production Server C/C++ client API allows developers to evaluate MATLAB functions on remote servers. Before you can evaluate a MATLAB function, you must convert the arguments to the function into MATLAB Production Server specific mpsArray structures. For information on working with the mpsArray structure, see Data Handling.

For an overview of how to create client programs, see Create a C MATLAB Production Server Client.

For a complete example of a client implementation, see Create a C++ Client.

Examples and How To

Create a C MATLAB Production Server Client

Procedure to create a MATLAB Production Server client in C or C++

Create the Client Runtime Context

Use createContext() to create a client runtime context

Configure the Client-Server Connection

Use mpsClientConfig structure to configure the client-server connection

Access Secure Programs Using HTTPS

Process to establish a secure connection between client and server using HTTPS

Handle Function Processing Errors

Procedure for handling errors that occur when processing MATLAB functions

Clean Up MATLAB Resources

Process for cleaning up various resources used by the client to enable shutdown process


Data Handling

Information on MATLAB data types and how to use the mpsArray API to manage MATLAB data between client and server

Unsupported MATLAB Data Types for Client and Server Marshaling

List of unsupported MATLAB data types

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