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Remote Method Invocation

Create a Java® package to invoke over a network

Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) is a set of APIs that enable Java objects to invoke objects in a different JVM. Use RMI to develop client/server based applications, distributed applications, and web applications. For such applications, only the portions of the application that directly invoke MATLAB® functions require a MATLAB Runtime. The other portions of the application can work with native Java data types.

Examples and How To

Use Native Java Cell and Struct Arrays

Example illustrating use of native Java cell and struct arrays

Run Client and Server on Same Machine

Example illustrating RMI use with client and server on same machine

Run Client and Server on Separate Machines

Example illustrating RMI use with client and server on separate machines

Additional RMI Examples

Location of additional RMI examples


RMI Prerequisites

Prerequisites needed to use RMI

Native Data Marshaling Prerequisites

Prerequisites to using native data marshalling

Use Remote Method Invocation (RMI)

Ways to use RMI

Why Use Native Cell Arrays and Struct Arrays?

Rationale for using Java native API to work with cell arrays and structs

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