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Plot Customization

Customize analysis plot appearance and units

You can customize response plots using interactive plot tools and the plot property editor. Use the functions in this category to generate response plots that are customizable at the command line. For information about linear analysis plots and data, see Time and Frequency Domain Analysis.


impulseplot Plot impulse response and return plot handle
initialplot Plot initial condition response and return plot handle
lsimplot Simulate response of dynamic system to arbitrary inputs and return plot handle
stepplot Plot step response and return plot handle
bodeplot Plot Bode frequency response with additional plot customization options
nicholsplot Plot Nichols frequency responses and return plot handle
nyquistplot Nyquist plot with additional plot customization options
sigmaplot Plot singular values of frequency response and return plot handle
bodeoptions Create list of Bode plot options
hsvoptions Plot options for hsvplot
nicholsoptions Create list of Nichols plot options
nyquistoptions List of Nyquist plot options
pzoptions Create list of pole/zero plot options
sigmaoptions Create list of singular-value plot options
timeoptions Create list of time plot options
setoptions Set plot options for response plot
getoptions Return @PlotOptions handle or plot options property
ctrlpref Set Control System Toolbox preferences
updateSystem Update dynamic system data in a response plot


Property and Preferences Hierarchy

Understand the scope of any property or preference setting.

Ways to Customize Plots

Customize plots by changing plot properties.

Linear System Analyzer Preferences Editor

Set units, fonts, and response plot characteristics in Linear System Analyzer.

Customize Response Plots Using the Response Plots Property Editor

Set axes labels and limits, fonts, grids, and other attributes of response plots.

Customizing Response Plots Using Plot Tools

The plot tools property editor lets you interactively customize response plots.

Customizing Response Plots from the Command Line

The command-line interface is the most efficient way to customize a large number of plots.

Toolbox Preferences Editor

Set plot preferences that persist from session to session.

Build GUI With Interactive Response-Plot Updates

Create a GUI to display a Control System Toolbox™ response plot that changes in response to interactive input.

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