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Continuous-Discrete Conversion

Model discretization, discrete to continuous time conversion, resampling


c2d Convert model from continuous to discrete time
d2c Convert model from discrete to continuous time
d2d Resample discrete-time model
upsample Upsample discrete-time models
c2dOptions Create option set for continuous- to discrete-time conversions
d2cOptions Create option set for discrete- to continuous-time conversions
d2dOptions Create option set for discrete-time resampling

Examples and How To

Discretize a Compensator

This example shows how to convert a compensator from continuous to discrete time using several discretization methods, to identify a method that yields a good match in the frequency domain.

Improve Accuracy of Discretized System with Time Delay

This example shows how to improve the frequency-domain accuracy of a system with a time delay that is a fractional multiple of the sample time.

Convert Discrete-Time System to Continuous Time

This example shows how to convert a discrete-time system to continuous time using d2c, and compares the results using two different interpolation methods.

Upsample Discrete-Time System

This example shows how to upsample a system using both the d2d and upsample commands and compares the results of both to the original system.


Continuous-Discrete Conversion Methods

Choose discretization and interpolation methods to convert between continuous and discrete models.

Choosing a Resampling Command

Use resampling commands to change the sample time of a discrete-time system.

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