Frequency-Domain Analysis

Frequency-domain response data, plots, and characteristics


linearSystemAnalyzer Linear System Analyzer for LTI system response analysis
bodeplot Plot Bode frequency response with additional plot customization options
nicholsplot Plot Nichols frequency responses and return plot handle
nyquistplot Nyquist plot with additional plot customization options
sigmaplot Plot singular values of frequency response and return plot handle
bode Bode plot of frequency response, magnitude and phase of frequency response
nichols Nichols chart of frequency response
nyquist Nyquist plot of frequency response
sigma Singular values plot of dynamic system
evalfr Evaluate frequency response at given frequency
freqresp Frequency response over grid
bandwidth Frequency response bandwidth
dcgain Low-frequency (DC) gain of LTI system
getGainCrossover Crossover frequencies for specified gain
getPeakGain Peak gain of dynamic system frequency response
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