Linear Analysis Using the Linear System Analyzer

In this example, you learn how to analyze the time- and frequency-domain responses of one or more linear models using the Linear System Analyzer app.

Before you can perform the analysis, you must have already created linear models in the MATLAB® workspace. For information on how to create a model, see Basic Models.

To perform linear analysis:

  1. Open the Linear System Analyzer showing one or more models using the following syntax:

    By default, this syntax opens a step response plot of your models, as shown in the following figure.

      Note:   Alternatively, open Linear System Analyzer from the Apps tab in the MATLAB desktop. When you do so, select File > Import to load linear models from the MATLAB workspace or a MAT file.

  2. Add more plots to the Linear System Analyzer.

    1. Select Edit > Plot Configurations.

    2. In the Plot Configurations dialog box, select the number of plots to open.

  3. To view a different type of response on a plot, right-click and select a plot type.

  4. Analyze system performance. For example, you can analyze the peak response in the Bode plot and settling time in the step response plot.

    1. Right-click to select performance characteristics.

    2. Click on the dot that appears to view the characteristic value.

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