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Model Arrays

Generation of collections of models, such as for parameter studies


stack Build model array by stacking models or model arrays along array dimensions
nmodels Number of models in model array
permute Rearrange array dimensions in model arrays
reshape Change shape of model array
repsys Replicate and tile models
sampleBlock Sample Control Design blocks in generalized model
rsampleBlock Randomly sample Control Design blocks in generalized model


LPV System Simulate Linear Parameter-Varying (LPV) systems

Examples and How To

Model Array with Single Parameter Variation

Use the stack command to create a 1-D array of transfer functions with a parameter that varies from model to model.

Model Array with Variations in Two Parameters

Create an array of models over a grid of parameter values, and use the SamplingGrid property to keep track of parameter values across the array.

Study Parameter Variation by Sampling Tunable Model

This example shows how to sample a parametric model of a second-order filter across a grid of parameter values using sampleBlock.

Select Models from Array

Select individual models or sets of models from a model array using array indexing.

Query Array Size and Characteristics

Query array attributes such as the array dimensions, and query characteristics of the models in the array, such as I/O dimensions and stability.

Using LTI Arrays for Simulating Multi-Mode Dynamics

This example shows how to construct a Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) representation of a system that exhibits multi-mode dynamics.


Model Arrays

Store multiple dynamic system objects in a single MATLAB® array for multiple-model design and analysis.

Linear Parameter-Varying Models

An LPV system is a linear state-space model whose dynamics vary as a function of time-varying parameters. Represent an LPV model in a state-space form using parameter-dependent coefficients.

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