Model Attributes

Specify and query model characteristics such as coefficients, labels, and units


get Access model property values
set Set or modify model properties
tfdata Access transfer function data
zpkdata Access zero-pole-gain data
ssdata Access state-space model data
frdata Access data for frequency response data (FRD) object
piddata Access coefficients of parallel-form PID controller
pidstddata Access coefficients of standard-form PID controller
piddata2 Access coefficients of parallel-form 2-DOF PID controller
pidstddata2 Access coefficients of standard-form 2-DOF PID controller
dssdata Extract descriptor state-space data
chgFreqUnit Change frequency units of frequency-response data model
chgTimeUnit Change time units of dynamic system
isct Determine if dynamic system model is in continuous time
isdt Determine if dynamic system model is in discrete time
isempty Determine whether dynamic system model is empty
isfinite Determine if model has finite coefficients
isParametric Determine if model has tunable parameters
isproper Determine if dynamic system model is proper
isreal Determine if model has real-valued coefficients
issiso Determine if dynamic system model is single-input/single-output (SISO)
isstable Determine whether system is stable
isstatic Determine if model is static or dynamic
order Query model order
ndims Query number of dimensions of dynamic system model or model array
size Query output/input/array dimensions of input–output model and number of frequencies of FRD model
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