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Square-root solver for discrete-time Lyapunov equations


R = dlyapchol(A,B)
X = dlyapchol(A,B,E)


R = dlyapchol(A,B) computes a Cholesky factorization X = R'*R of the solution X to the Lyapunov matrix equation:

A*X*A'- X + B*B' = 0

All eigenvalues of A matrix must lie in the open unit disk for R to exist.

X = dlyapchol(A,B,E) computes a Cholesky factorization X = R'*R of X solving the Sylvester equation

A*X*A' - E*X*E' + B*B' = 0

All generalized eigenvalues of (A,E) must lie in the open unit disk for R to exist.


dlyapchol uses SLICOT routines SB03OD and SG03BD.


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