Create list of Hankel singular value plot options


P = hsvoptions
P = HSVOPTIONS('cstpref')


P = hsvoptions returns a list of available options for Hankel singular value (HSV) plots with default values set. You can use these options to customize the Hankel singular value plot appearance using the command line.

P = HSVOPTIONS('cstpref') initializes the plot options you selected in the Control System Toolbox™ Preferences Editor dialog box. For more information about the editor, see Toolbox Preferences Editor in the User's Guide documentation.

This table summarizes the Hankel singular value plot options.

Title, XLabel, YLabelLabel text and style
TickLabelTick label style
Grid [off|on]Show or hide the grid
[Vector of RGB values in the range [0,1]| color string |'none']
Color of the grid lines
XlimMode, YlimMode Limit modes
Xlim, YlimAxes limits
YScale [linear|log] Scale for Y-axis
AbsTol, RelTol, OffsetParameters for the Hankel singular value computation (used only for models with unstable dynamics). See hsvd and stabsep for details.


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Set Scale for Y-Axis in HSV Plot

Create an options set, and set the Yscale property.

P = hsvoptions;
P.YScale = 'linear';

Use the options set to generate an HSV plot. Note the linear y-axis scale in the plot.

h = hsvplot(rss(2,2,3),P);

Introduced in R2008a

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