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Determine if dynamic system model is in continuous time


bool = isct(sys)


bool = isct(sys) returns a logical value of 1 (true) if the dynamic system model sys is a continuous-time model. The function returns a logical value of 0 (false) otherwise.

Input Arguments


Dynamic system model or array of such models.

Output Arguments


Logical value indicating whether sys is a continuous-time model.

bool = 1 (true) if sys is a continuous-time model (sys.Ts = 0). If sys is a discrete-time model, bool = 0 (false).

For a static gain, both isct and isdt return true unless you explicitly set the sample time to a nonzero value. If you do so, isdt returns true and isct returns false.

For arrays of models, bool is true if the models in the array are continuous.

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Introduced in R2007a