Determine if model has finite coefficients




B = isfinite(sys) returns 1 (true) if the model sys has finite coefficients, and 0 (false) otherwise. If sys is a model array, then B is true if all models in sys have finite coefficients.


B = isfinite(sys,'elem') checks each model in the model array sys and returns a logical array of the same size as sys. The logical array indicates which models in sys have finite coefficients.


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Check Model for Finite Coefficients

Create model and check whether its coefficients are all finite.

sys = rss(3);
B = isfinite(sys)
B =


Check Each Model in Array

Create a 1-by-5 array of models and check each model for finite coefficients.

sys = rss(2,2,2,1,5);
B = isfinite(sys,'elem')
B =

     1     1     1     1     1

When you use the 'elem' input, isfinite checks each model individually and returns a logical array indicating which models have all finite coefficients.

Input Arguments

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sys — Model or array to checkinput-output model | model array

Model or array to check, specified as an input-output model or model array. Input-output models include dynamic system models such as numeric LTI models and generalized models. Input-output models also include static models such as tunable parameters or generalized matrices.

Output Arguments

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B — Flag indicating whether model has finite coefficientslogical | logical array

Flag indicating whether model has finite coefficients, returned as a logical value or logical array.

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