LTI Viewer for LTI system response analysis




ltiview when invoked without input arguments, initializes a new LTI Viewer for LTI system response analysis.

ltiview(sys1,sys2,...,sysn) opens an LTI Viewer containing the step response of the LTI models sys1,sys2,...,sysn. You can specify a distinctive color, line style, and marker for each system, as in

sys1 = rss(3,2,2);
sys2 = rss(4,2,2);

ltiview(plottype,sys) initializes an LTI Viewer containing the LTI response type indicated by plottype for the LTI model sys. The string plottype can be any one of the following:



plottype can be a cell vector containing up to six of these plot types. For example,


displays the plots of both of these response types for a given system sys.

ltiview(plottype,sys,extras) allows the additional input arguments supported by the various LTI model response functions to be passed to the ltiview command.

extras is one or more input arguments as specified by the function named in plottype. These arguments may be required or optional, depending on the type of LTI response. For example, if plottype is 'step' then extras may be the desired final time, Tfinal, as shown below.


However, if plottype is 'initial', the extras arguments must contain the initial conditions x0 and may contain other arguments, such as Tfinal.


See the individual references pages of each possible plottype commands for a list of appropriate arguments for extras.

ltiview('clear',viewers) clears the plots and data from the LTI Viewers with handles viewers.

ltiview('current',sys1,sys2,...,sysn,viewers) adds the responses of the systems sys1,sys2,...,sysn to the LTI Viewers with handles viewers. If these new systems do not have the same I/O dimensions as those currently in the LTI Viewer, the LTI Viewer is first cleared and only the new responses are shown.

ltiview(plottype,sys1,sys2,...sysN) initializes an LTI Viewer containing the responses of multiple LTI models.

ltiview(plottype,sys1,PlotStyle1,sys2,PlotStyle2,...) initializes the viewer with specified plot styles. See the individual reference pages of the LTI response functions for more information on specifying plot styles.

ltiview(plottype,sys1,sys2,...sysN,extras) initializes the viewer for multiple models using the extras input arguments.

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