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Classical Control Design

Design, tuning, and analysis of single-input, single-output (SISO) feedback systems

Using the Control System Designer app, you can interactively design and analyze single-input, single-output (SISO) controllers for feedback systems. You can design controllers using various graphical and automated tuning methods. To choose the best tuning method for your application, see Control System Designer Tuning Methods.

For information about tuning SISO controllers in Simulink® models, see Classical Control Design (Simulink Control Design).


Control System DesignerDesign single-input, single-output (SISO) controllers


rlocus Root locus plot of dynamic system
rlocusplotPlot root locus and return plot handle
sisoinitConfigure Control System Designer at startup


Getting Started

Control System Designer Tuning Methods

You can tune compensators using various graphical and automated tuning methods.

Feedback Control Architectures

When you open Control System Designer from MATLAB®, you can select one of six possible control architecture configurations.

Design Requirements

Using Control System Designer, you can tune your compensator to satisfy various time-domain and frequency-domain design requirements.

Design Workflow

Multimodel Control Design

Design a compensator for a set of plant models using Control System Designer.

Design Compensator for Plant Model with Time Delays

Some Control System Designer design and analysis tools support exact time delays while others use approximations of time delays.

Design Compensator for Systems Represented by Frequency Response Data

Design compensators for plant models defined by frequency response data using Control System Designer.

Design Multiloop Control System

Design compensators for a control system with an inner and outer loop using Control System Designer.

Compensator Tuning

Bode Diagram Design

Bode diagram design is an interactive graphical method of modifying a compensator to achieve a specific open-loop response.

Root Locus Design

Root locus design is a common control system design technique in which you edit the compensator gain, poles, and zeros in the root locus diagram.

Nichols Plot Design

Nichols plot design is an interactive graphical method of modifying a compensator to achieve a specific open-loop response.

Edit Compensator Dynamics

Achieve your design goals by manually editing compensator poles, zeros, and gains.

Design Compensator Using Automated Tuning Methods

Tune a compensator using automated tuning methods in Control System Designer.

Analysis and Validation

Analyze Designs Using Response Plots

Analyze your control system designs using the plotting tools in Control System Designer.

Compare Performance of Multiple Designs

Examine the effects of different tuning methods or compensator structures by comparing the performance of multiple compensator designs.

Case Studies

Design Internal Model Controller for Chemical Reactor Plant

Design a compensator in an IMC structure for chemical reactors using Control System Designer.

Design LQG Tracker Using Control System Designer

Design a feedback controller for a disk drive read/write head using LQG synthesis.

Design Hard-Disk Read/Write Head Controller

Design a computer hard-disk read/write head position controller using classical control design methods.