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Customizing Response Plots Using Plot Tools

Properties You Can Customize Using Plot Tools

The following table shows the plot properties you can customize using plot tools.

For...You can customize the following properties:
  • System name

  • Line color

  • Line style

  • Line width

  • Marker type

For SISO systems, these changes apply to a single plot line or an array of plot lines representing the system on one axis. For MIMO systems, these changes apply to all of the plotted lines representing the system on multiple axes.

Plot axes
  • Title

  • X-label

  • Y-label

  • Figure name

  • Colormap

  • Figure color

Opening and Working with Plot Tools

See the following documentation for information about how to open and work with Plot Tools and the Plot Tools Property Editor:

Example of Changing Line Color Using Plot Tools

To change the line color of a MIMO system plot:

  1. Create a step response plot of a MIMO system by typing


  2. In the figure window, select View > Property Editor.

    This action opens the Plot Tools Property Editor.

  3. Click the plot line in any of the nine axis.

    This action selects the response for the sys_mimo system and updates the Plot Tools Property Editor to show the available editable properties for the response.


    The Plot Tools Property Editor applies changes to the response of the MIMO system. Any change you make applies to all of the plotted lines in the figure.


    You can also change the properties of the response using the right-click menu while in plot edit mode.

  4. In the Property Editor – Waveform pane, select the color red.

    This action changes the color of the response that represents the MIMO system to red.