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Customizing the Linear System Analyzer

Overview of Customizing the Linear System Analyzer

The Linear System Analyzer has a tool preferences editor, which allows you to set default characteristics for specific instances of Linear System Analyzer. If you open a new instance of either, each defaults to the characteristics specified in the Toolbox Preferences editor.

Linear System Analyzer Preferences Editor

Select Edit > Linear System Analyzer Preferences to open the preferences editor.

The Linear System Analyzer Preferences editor contains four panes:

  • Units — Convert between various units, including rad/sec and Hertz

  • Style — Customize grids, fonts, and colors

  • Characteristics — Specify response plot characteristics, such as settling time tolerance

  • Parameters — Set time and frequency ranges, stop times, and time step size

For more information about using the options in these panes in an instance of the Linear System Analyzer, see Linear System Analyzer Preferences Editor.

If you want to customize the settings for all instances of Linear System Analyzer, see Toolbox Preferences Editor.

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