Property and Preferences Hierarchy

You can use three graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to control over the visualization of time and frequency plots generated by the toolbox:

  • Toolbox Preferences

  • Tool Preferences

  • Plot Properties

Preferences refer to global options that you can save from session to session or to any Linear System Analyzer or SISO Design Tool that you open during a single session. Properties are options that apply only to the current window. This section gives an overview of the three GUIs.

Although you can set plot properties in any response plot, you can use the Toolbox Preferences Editor to set properties for any response plot that you generate. This figure shows the inheritance hierarchy from toolbox preference to plot properties.

Preference and Property Inheritance Hierarchy

You can activate preference and plot editors by doing the following:

  • Toolbox preferences — Select Toolbox Preferences under File in either the Linear System Analyzer or the SISO Design Tool.

  • Tool preferences — Select SISO Tool Preferences under Edit for the SISO Design Tool and Viewer Preferences under Edit in the Linear System Analyzer.

  • Plot properties — Double-click any Control System Toolbox™ response plot or select Properties from the right-click menus.

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