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Property and Preferences Hierarchy

To control the visualization of time-domain and frequency-domain response plots, you can set the following:

  • Toolbox Preferences — Apply to all Control System Toolbox™ response plots.

  • App Preferences — Apply to the current app session.

  • Plot Properties — Apply to individual response plots.

Although you can set plot properties in any response plot, you can use the Toolbox Preferences Editor to set properties for any response plot that you generate. This figure shows the inheritance hierarchy from toolbox preference to plot properties.

To edit:

  • Toolbox preferences:

    • In Linear System Analyzer, select File > Toolbox Preferences

    • At the MATLAB® command line, enter:

  • App preferences:

    • In Linear System Analyzer, select Edit > Linear System Analyzer Preferences.

    • In Control System Designer, on the Control System tab, click Preferences.

  • Plot properties — In any Control System Toolbox response plot, use either of the following:

    • Double-click the plot the plot area.

    • Right-click the plot area, and select Properties.