State-Space Model with Both Fixed and Tunable Parameters

This example shows how to create a state-space (genss) model having both fixed and tunable parameters.

Create a state-space model having the following state-space matrices:


where a and b are tunable parameters, whose initial values are –1 and 3, respectively.

  1. Create the tunable parameters using realp.

     a = realp('a',-1);
     b = realp('b',3);
  2. Define a generalized matrix using algebraic expressions of a and b.

    A = [1 a+b;0 a*b]

    A is a generalized matrix whose Blocks property contains a and b. The initial value of A is M = [1 2;0 -3], from the initial values of a and b.

  3. Create the fixed-value state-space matrices.

    B = [-3.0;1.5];
    C = [0.3 0];
    D = 0;
  4. Use ss to create the state-space model.

    sys = ss(A,B,C,D)

sys is a generalized LTI model (genss) with tunable parameters a and b.

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